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Nov 2020

Is There Any Psychology Behind Wearing Makeup? Check Out For More Info!

mental health

Some people just use makeup to enhance their features and like to just feel good. Many women also say that it is therapeutic practice for them too. But do we know that there can be psychology behind wearing makeup too? Yes, there surely can be. Because there can be a woman who thinks that she […]

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Oct 2020

Is It Possible That A Change In The Hairstyle Can Boost Up The Confidence?


When do we feel the most confident? We know that we are ready to conquer the world, and mostly, it is because of the good hair day too. No matter how much we deny it, our hair can make a great change in the mood. Okay, we know it impacts the mood, but hair style […]

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Jun 2020

Are you stressing a lot lately? Check out the adverse effects of stress on the skin!

stress effects

The times are hard, and there is no way we won’t feel the stress. It is all about how we feel and how we assess the situations around us. Taking stress is a normal thing, but if you stress too much lately, you can see the stress rash on skin. It is not something that […]

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May 2020

3 Amazing Benefits That You Can Get From Better Aroma Therapy

mind issues

Aromatherapy is something that you can even find in the books that were written years ago. It is basically because it is the method by which a person can get inner peace and enjoy the best relaxation of mind and soul. However, the best part is that¬†effectiveness of aromatherapy¬†is still the same as it was […]

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